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Sun Protection in Santa Fe

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Q&A with Jessica Gonzalez, Dermatology Certified Nurse Practitioner

Q: What is a simple skin care regimen you can recommend for these dry summer months?

JG: First, it is always best to use medical grade skin care products as they do have ingredients that have been studied and approved by medical doctors.

Some simple steps to a good skin care regimen for summer can be any Hydrating cleanser, followed by vitamin C serum, a moisturizer and sunscreen.

Nightly routines should include washing with a gentle cleanser, followed by hyaluronic acid and then tretinoin or retinol, followed by moisturizer.

Q: What do you recommend when it comes to sunscreen and sun protection?

JG: The proper use of sunscreens and sun protective clothing are great ways to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays from the sun. Sunscreens of high SPF (at or above 40 SPF) with zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide physical blocking agents are recommended.

To keep your sunscreen regimen simple, look for anything that is 40 SPF higher and has titanium dioxide or zinc oxide in it.

It is important to apply sunscreen prior to sun exposure and reapplication every 2-3 hours if sweating or swimming. Sun protective clothing with UPF rating is recommended, including hats. If possible, avoiding outdoor activities on sunny days between the hours of noon and 4 PM is also recommended.

Q: What are some of our treatments that you recommend for the summer months in Santa Fe?

JG: We offer a variety of treatments in our clinic. They are all deemed safe in the summertime, but there are some that require avoidance of the sun after treatment. These include any laser treatment or chemical peels.

Some safe and great treatments this time of year include facials, micro needling, aquafirme and injectables. I recommend a facial or aquafirme at least every 2 months, but monthly or even more frequent is perfectly fine. Micro needling is a treatment option that will need a consultation to decide on how many and how often you may need them.

Q: What are some new products you’d like to talk about?

JG: There are always new products on the market in the aesthetic world. Right now, there are not any to specifically talk about. We at SFSI keep up with the latest technologies and products on the market and hope to be adding some to our menu of services offered.

In closing, I’d just like to say, Injectables all year, no downtime, anti-aging, fine line sand wrinkles. Enhances features already have.

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