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Chemical Peels - What should I know

Q&A with Medical Esthetician Elena Romero

Q: People often get apprehensive when they hear the words

"Chemical Peel", can you explain what a chemical peel is?

Elena: chemical peels are an exfoliation process that is intended to remove the outermost layers of skin which will improve tone and texture. As we age our skin needs assistance to turnover the older skin and bring in newer healthier skin.

Q: Who is a candidate for a chemical peel?

Elena: As and esthetician I customize each chemical peel to the patients' needs and desired results. Chemical peels range from treating sensitive skin like rosacea, stubborn acne, hyperpigmentation, to mature aging skin. All skin types are treatable making everyone a candidate for chemical peels.

Q: What to you recommend for new chemical peel client?

Elena: I recommend starting every new patient with a light chemical peel. I like for the patient to experience something light to understand what the process is like in the clinic along with at home. This also allows me to gage the patient's tolerance to this professional treatment which will then allow me to develop a custom plan to achieve desired results.

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