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Laser Treatments


Laser treatments simplify the process of maintaining a hairless body and can also remove age spots and spider veins.

Image by Augustine Wong


Laser Treatments Q & A

What are laser treatments?

Laser treatments are procedures that use a powerful form of light called a laser to influence or alter certain cell types. Laser light has one single wavelength. The devices emit focused beams of this single-wavelength light, which your provider at Santa Fe Skin Institute can use to target and treat skin cells or follicles. 

Different laser wavelengths serve different purposes in dermatology. Your provider might adjust the wavelength for your treatment according to your skin type or skin shade. 

Lasers are widely used within dermatology and can accomplish many cosmetic treatment goals that would otherwise require products or regular removal processes. They can also minimize or remove certain skin features that you might otherwise attempt to conceal with makeup. 

What are my laser treatment options?

Santa Fe Skin Institute uses laser treatments for a few very popular purposes. The team uses the versatile Magma laser system for all laser treatments. Depending on your treatment goals, you can get:

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal permanently reduces the amount of body hair you grow by targeting the hair follicles within your skin. After several initial hair removal treatments, you can enjoy long-lasting hairlessness on areas you normally shave, like your legs, armpits, or bikini area. You may need maintenance treatments every once in a while. 

Pigment irregularities treatment 

Magma can also treat body color irregularities like hyperpigmentation or age spots. It clears the pigmented spots by causing the pigment to disperse or closing off visible veins like spider veins. The Magma laser system includes a cooling component to make your treatments more comfortable. 

What are the benefits of laser treatments?

Laser treatments can take the place of treatments or services that are often more complex, more painful, or more risky. The laser that the team at Santa Fe Skin Institute uses is powerful and precise, treating only the targeted areas or cell types without affecting parts of your body that you don’t intend to treat. 

Additionally, laser treatments like laser hair removal or pigment removal produce long-lasting results that don’t require a lot of maintenance. For pigment removal, laser treatment options let you avoid products that might irritate your skin or produce unpredictable results. 

Instead of waxing once every few weeks, shaving once every few days, or regularly applying a product to remove your body hair, laser hair removal lets you diminish the overall amount of hair on your body with minimal maintenance treatments in the future. Schedule your appointment with Santa Fe Skin Institute over the phone or online to learn more about laser treatments today. 

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